The bunkhouse building is entering phase 4 of its life, it started off as a school, Bishop Barrington won a substantial amount of money when he took the mine owners to court, and with that money he built a few schools around the area, they were called Barrington Schools, and this one was built and opened in 1820.

In 1876 the present school was built, and this building then became the village hall, otherwise known as The Barrington Hall.

In 1960 a new village hall was built and “The Barrington” became redundant, and fell into disrepair. In due course, the building became known as Barrington Cottage.

The cottage hit hard times around 1993 and was empty for about a year, then we came along, fell in love with it, bought it and lovingly renovated it, and the far end of the building became our lounge, we have had some fun times in that lounge, when my daughter was growing up ….. mega-sleepovers etc.,  but ….

It is time for a change again, we are very sociable people, we needed to diversify and thought a bunkhouse would be a grand idea!!

So ….. enter phase 4 …. The Barrington Bunkhouse!